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第二集 Episode II.
These happened on the streets...
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主持 Host:
李彥儀 Yen-Yi Lee
語言 Language:
英語 English
來賓 Guest:
Taiwan Street Artist
張碩尹 Ting-Tong Chang
Chilean Street Artist
阿爾梅 Alme
Professor of Graduate Institute of Latin
American Studies, Tamkang University
陳小雀 Lucia Chen

本節目為台北國際藝術村策畫的「臺灣與拉丁美洲街頭藝術交流計畫」之一。本計畫獲文化部臺灣與拉丁美洲交流合作補助支持,與臺灣藝術家Candy Bird、張碩尹;智利藝術家Macay和Alme進行虛擬駐村、線上對談和實體展覽等方式遠端合作,關注於兩地街頭藝術,並由此切入兩地的歷史、文化、政治的發展。對談節目由李彥儀主持,以英語進行,共兩集。

在熙來攘往的戶外街頭,往往是產生事件或故事的場所。本集以《這些發生在街頭上的...》為主題,邀請兩地的藝術家Ting-Tong Chang, Alme 分享在街頭創作創所面臨的各種不確定性與挑戰,甚至是不為人知的奇聞軼事,並與文化研究背景的陳小雀教授的對話,分享她於其著作中所提及的傳奇故事與節慶文化。

This talk is part of the Taiwan and Latin America Exchange Program curated by the Taipei Artist Village and supported by the Minister of Culture Taiwan. The program focuses on the development of street art in Taiwan and Chile, and uses it as an entry point to culture, political perspectives of both virtual/physical areas. Taipei Artist Village invites Taiwanese artists Candy Bird, Ting-Tong Chang, and Chilean artists Macay and Alme to take different challenges of working remotely together on virtual residency, online talks and physical exhibition.

The hustle and bustle of the streets is usually where incidents or stories take place. The topic of this episode is “These happened on the streets…, ” and we have invited Ting-Tong Chang in Taiwan, and Alme from Chile, to share the uncertainties and challenges they have encountered while creating on the streets, as well as some obscure experiences or anecdotes. Furthermore, Ting-Tong Chang and Alme are going to have a conversation with Professor Lucia Chen Hsiao-Chuan who has a culture study background will also talk about classic folk tales and festival culture mentioned in her articles.

01:17|阿爾梅 Alme

街頭創作之初 x 在玻利維亞傳統節日ÑATITA EN FLOR(骷髏節)的在地創作 x 關於計畫創作《覺醒》

The beginning of his creation x Creation at the traditional Bolivian festival ÑATITA EN FLOR x About the project Awake

11:33|張碩尹 Ting-Tong Chang

街頭創作之初 x 關於計畫《佛求女、槓桿街與石壁潭》

Ting-Tong Chang: The beginning of his creation x About the project Fu Chu’s Daughter, Gànggǎn Street, and Shibi Pond

29:25| 陳小雀 Lucia Chen

反映社會偏見的瓜地馬拉紋身女 x 墨西哥亡靈節 (Día de Muertos) x 墨西哥代表女鬼: 暗夜哭泣的女人 (La Llorona)

Reflecting social prejudice: the story of Guatemalan tattooed woman x Mexico Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) x Mexico Representative Female Ghost: La Llorona

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