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About Latin America X Taiwan Street Art Exchange Program


在寶藏巖國際藝術村內,有多處公共空間牆上畫滿藝術家的作品,成為民眾打卡熱點,另外也有一座壁球場,畫滿塗鴉客自發性的作品,好似一間公開的畫廊,每過一陣子就會自動地推陳出新,有不同的作品加入。也因此本計畫邀請兩地現為、或曾經以街頭藝術作為創作主題的臺灣藝術家Candy Bird、張碩尹;智利藝術家馬卡蓮娜.亞聶絲和阿爾梅進行為期半年的虛擬駐村,並且與淡江大學拉丁美洲研究學者陳小雀、獨立策展人高森信男合作,深入觀察於兩地街頭藝術從以前到現在的發展,並試圖由此切入兩地的歷史、文化、政治面向,用多元開放與實驗精神,鼓勵藝術家結合虛擬與實體創作經驗,產生出一個共同合創成果。

計畫內容將以社群媒體與紀錄網站作為互動的平台、兩場藝術家線上對談,與實體現地創作的展覽等方式呈現。計畫將持續更新於藝術村官方網站 (與Instagram (。

The “Latin America X Taiwan Street Art Exchange Program “ organized by the Taipei Artist Village is supported by the “Latin America Exchange and Cooperation Subsidy” of the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan, which also continues the collaboration project with Bamboo Curtain Studio in 2020, “The Imaginary Land: Convergence Taiwan / Latin America,” so that the exchange between two places would not be interrupted but can be carried on and executed even under the circumstances that the international traveling and physical visiting are still not as stable as usual. Besides the follow-up and strengthening of the 2020 program, we further aim at “street art” as the main theme in 2021’s discussion.

Inside the Treasure Hill Artist Village, there are many walls of public space that were painted by artists and have become popular check-in attractions for visitors. There is also a squash court covered with graffiti works, which is just like an outdoor gallery, and the graffiti works there are spontaneously renewed or added from time to time. Therefore, this project presents Taiwanese artists, Candy Bird and Ting-Tong Chang; Chilean artists Macarena Yanez and Alme, who is now or were once focusing in street art creation to proceed a six-month virtual residency. In addition, the project also includes Hsiao-Chuan Chen, professor of the Latin American Institute of Tamkang University, and independent curator Nobuo Takamori, through their in-depth observations of street art and its long-term development in Taiwan and Chile. This project seeks to understand more about the histories, cultures and politics in two countries, and with an open-minded and experimental spirit, this project aims to encourage artists to combine the virtually and physically creative experiences into their collective artwork.

Contents of the project include the social media and documentary website as an interaction platform, two online artist talks, and site-specific creation in physical exhibition form, etc. The project’s proceedings will be updated at the official website ( and Instagram ( of the Taipei Artist Village.

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